PMP in 5 weeks

I am delighted, because you are here, and there is an opportunity for us to work together in your career enhancement journey. We are glad to provide you with the details of the PMP in 5 weeks – Online, Instructor led, PMP preparatory course;

This course is designed and perfected over the last ten years, with the experience of partnering with more than 20,000 professionals, in their project management professional success journey. This course is structured around the process groups comprising of;

  • Project initiation
  • Project planning
  • Project execution
  • Project monitoring & controlling
  • Project closing

Since this is the natural sequence of a project, it becomes easy for understanding and recollecting the concepts. During the course, the instructor will work with you very closely for 5 weeks on a one to one basis.

Week #1

  • Online meeting with the instructor
  • The basic definitions and Project Initiation
    • The structure of the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK)
    • Projects, Programs, Operations, Portfolio
    • Business strategy and project management
    • Project manager’s roles and responsibilities
    • Organizational structures and the power equations
    • Project initiation
      • Develop project charter
      • Identify stakeholders
    • Assessment


  • Online meeting with the instructor
  • Project Planning
    • Develop project management plan
    • Plan scope management
    • Collect requirements
    • Define scope
    • Create WBS
    • Plan schedule management
    • Define activities
    • Sequence activities
    • Estimate activity duration
    • Develop schedule


  • Online meeting with the instructor
  • Planning continued….
    • Plan cost management
    • Estimate costs
    • Determine budget
    • Plan quality management
    • Plan resource management
    • Estimate activity resources
    • Plan communications management
    • Plan risk management
    • Identify risks
    • Perform qualitative risk analysis
    • Perform quantitative risk analysis
    • Plan risk responses
    • Plan procurement management
    • Plan stakeholder engagement


  • Online meeting with the instructor
  • Project execution
    • Direct and manage project work
    • Manage project knowledge
    • Manage quality
    • Acquire resources
    • Develop team
    • Manage team
    • Manage communications
    • Implement risk responses
    • Conduct procurement
    • Manage stakeholder engagement
  • Monitoring and controlling
    • Monitor and control project work
    • Perform integrated change control
    • Validate scope
    • Control scope
    • Control schedule
    • Control costs
    • Control quality
    • Control resources
    • Monitor communications
    • Monitor risks
    • Control procurement
    • Monitor stakeholder engagement
  • Closing
    • Close project / phase


  • Online meeting with the instructor
  • Exam focus
    • Professional ethics of a project manager
    • Ethics framework for answering the questions
    • Simulation test
    • 35 contact hours certificate by the “Project Management Research Institute”

The knowledge is transferred through online meetings, videos, assignments, reference material, doubt clarifications and practice tests.

More than 20,000 professionals have benefited from this course. Contact us, and we will explain to you how our training approach makes it easier for you, and clarify all your queries.

Flexible payments

The course, the fees and the payment schedule is matching our vision of partnership in success. While the course fee is USD 250, you do not pay anything upfront. We will start the course as soon as you express your interest. The first payment of USD 125 need to be paid only within the first two weeks and in the unlikely event of you being not happy, you have the freedom to discontinue as well, which is very unlikely. The second payment of USD 125 need to be paid only when you become a PMP certified project manager.

  • The first payment of USD 120 within the first two weeks of course commencement , provided you are convinced about the effectiveness of the course. There is no fee, if you are discontinuing within the first two weeks.
  • The second instalment of USD 125 has to be paid when you pass the PMP credential examination with flying colours.

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Expert advise

Value of Project management certification

  • For many project management jobs, PMP credential is a mandatory criteria. Without the credential, you will not qualify for the job.
  • The project management body of knowledge, which is a collection of globally accepted project management best practices, provides you with a framework to base your project management decisions. That improves your confidence and stature as a project manager.
  • Research says that, within professionally managed projects, certified project managers perform better, than others. Within unprofessionally managed projects, there is no difference in performance between certified and not certified project managers

The right mindset while preparing for the certification

  • Position yourself as the project manager of a very large project. That will help you to appreciate the processes better. For example, the relevance of a project communications plan is very high in large teams, where as it is not that important in small teams. Stepping into the shoes of a professional project manager of a very large team adds relevance to the concepts.
  • Many of the concepts can be different from the ones you were / are practicing successfully. This can create mental blocks. Be very clear about your objectives. Your primary objective should be to master project management based on the project management body of knowledge.
  • If your focus is blindly on certification, the journey can be very boring. Always have a balanced view of the practitioner’s perspective and the the exam perspective.

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