Evolution of ‘project success criteria’

During one of my training programs, a project manager said ‘ I am not getting acceptance for my project. What should I do get the acceptance?’. That was a difficult question to answer, considering the fact that I did not know much about his project. Still I wanted to give it a try, and IContinue reading “Evolution of ‘project success criteria’”

How to define project goals – 10 questions one should answer

Whether it is about starting a new blog or building a new airport, before starting the project one has to get convinced about the business case and the viability of the project. Projects fail at the beginning, not at the end. Filtering out the best before investment is the key to avoid failures. Before startingContinue reading “How to define project goals – 10 questions one should answer”

Risk response Vs contingency

The actions we take proactively to reduce the probability or impact or both comes under risk response planning. For example – Building an earth quake resistant building in an earthquake prone area is part of risk response planning. The actions we do, when the risk really happens fall under risk contingency actions. Here is one…Continue reading “Risk response Vs contingency”