Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is the defacto standard for project management. The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification based on PMBOK is the most popular certification for project managers across the globe. The PMBOK comprises of 49 processes grouped into nine knowledge areas and five process groups and comprises of 750+ pages of information. The objective of this study is to simplify the learning of PMBOK. Our ultimate goal is to help the learner master PMBOK without going through the entire PMBOK.

The PMBOK study is organised in the same sequence as PMBOK and the concepts are explained through mindmaps and expert advise on request (comments to the posts and contact form)

The PMBOK Study

Chapter 1 – Introduction 

Chapter 2 – The environment in which projects operate 

Chapter 3 – Role of the project manager 

Chapter 4 – Project integration management 

Chapter 5 – Project scope management 

Chapter 6 – Project schedule management 

Chapter 7 – Project cost management

Chapter 8 – Project quality management 

Chapter 9 – Project resource management 

Chapter 10 – Project communications management 

Chapter 11 – Project risk management 

Chapter 12 – Project procurement management 

Chapter 13 – Project stakeholder management 

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