PMdistilled PMP online course

This course is designed exclusively for online delivery.

Key components of the course

  • Instructor meetings (online) – At least once in a week, and based on need. During these meetings;
    • Progress made during the previous week is assessed.
    • Overview of the key concepts to be covered during the subsequent week are explained.
    • Learning tests to be completed are finalized
    • Next meeting date is decided
  • Learning tests – 50 open book (PMBOK) learning tests, which will ensure that the participants have gone through every relevant page of PMBOK.
    • Participants are required to complete these tests
    • Can take multiple times
  • 35 contact hours certificate – Upon completion of the 50 learning tests, the participants are provided with the course completion certificate with 35 contact hours of credit. Using this certificate, participants can apply for the PMP examination.
  • Guidance while filling up the application
  • Guidance about the best practice tests to be chosen while preparing for the final exam
  • Learner can decide the duration of the course. It depends on how fast the learner is able to complete the learning tests.
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