“Talent is the rate at which you increase your skills with effort” Angela Duckworth

That is a great piece inspiring talk by Angela Duckworth, the author of  the book "GRIT', which is a #1 New york times best seller. The book explains 'Why passion and excellence are the secrets to success. Here is her talk at google tech talk.

Impact of Artificial intelligence on Project Management

That is the future of project management https://wp.me/p1GMg-hB

Forget Nostradamus – Here’s Tony O’Dowd’s IT Predictions for 2019

A quick update on the emerging trends. https://wp.me/p3cjZq-3ac

PMBOK Definitions #2

Stakeholder analysis to identify key performance indicators of project success

Step#1 Identify the stakeholders of the project / product  (sample list below) Sponsors Portfolio managers Program managers Project managers Owners Engineering mangers / teams Design teams Sub contractors Procurement team Quality team Risk management team Change management team Safety management team Cost controllers Finance Sales & Marketing Project management office Competitors Consultants End users Government …

Evolution of ‘project success criteria’

During one of my training programs, a project manager said ' I am not getting acceptance for my project. What should I do get the acceptance?'. That was a difficult question to answer, considering the fact that I did not know much about his project. Still I wanted to give it a try, and I …

7 steps to define good project requirements?

Identify the project's stakeholders Classify them into groups of; High power - high interest High power - low interest Low power - low interest Low power - high interest Collect the detailed requirements from the relevant stakeholders through; Interviews Questionnaires Brainstorming Requirements development workshops Benchmark with similar projects / products Analyze the requirements Define requirements …

Quality of education

I found this discussion on quality of education at XIME very useful, hence sharing it. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2140358979607518&id=1700549466887524

Careers in demand – 2019

I found this blog post very useful, hence sharing it here. https://whenwomeninspire.com/2018/12/13/high-demand-careers/

Climate Change and India

A classical case for explaining enterprise environmental factors and their impact on projects. https://wp.me/p54MZb-1wN