Ethical Project Manager

Ethical Project Manager

Project management ethics are founded on the four pillars of;

  1. Responsibility
  2. Respect
  3. Fairness
  4. Honesty

1. Responsibility 

  1. Ownership of decisions
  2. Acceptance based on capability
  3. Honoring commitments
  4. Ability to accept errors or omissions of self and others, and to to take corrective actions
  5. Protection of confidential information
  6. Accountability to this code, enforcing this code
  7. We will understand and abide by the policies, rules, regulations and laws governing our work
  8. We will report violations to the appropriate management levels
  9. Before filing ethics complaints, we will ensure that we have sufficient data to prove them
  10. We will protect the whistle blowers

2. Respect 

  1. We take effort to learn the norms and customs of others proactively, to avoid disrespectful behaviors
  2. First we seek to understand than to be understood
  3. We meet and discuss with people against whom we have a conflict
  4. Irrespective of how others behave towards us, we conduct ourselves in a very professional manner
  5. We will be open and trustworthy in our negotiations
  6. We do not leverage our expert or positional power to influence decisions in our favor, at the expense of others
  7. We never act in an abusive manner towards others
  8. We respect the intellectual property rights of others

3. Fairness 

  1. We will be transparent in our decision making process
  2. We constantly retrospect on our impartiality, and make corrections, if necessary
  3. We provide equal access to information to all stakeholders who are entitled to that information
  4. We provide equal opportunities to qualified candidates
  5. Whenever there is a real or potential conflict of interest, we disclose them to the appropriate stakeholders
  6. When in doubt (regarding conflict of interest), we refrain from decision making, until it is disclosed, clarified and the necessary corrective / preventive actions are implemented
  7. We will not be biased when it comes to project related decision making
  8. We apply the rules of the organization without bias

4. Honesty 

  1. Always, we seek to understand the truth
  2. We are truthful in all our communication and conduct
  3. We provide accurate information in a timely manner
  4. We make commitments in good faith
  5. Constantly we strive to create an open environment where others can express their views and opinions fearlessly
  6. We refrain from dishonest behavior


Reference :  Code of ethics and professional conduct by the Project Management Institute, USA. 


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