Online, Instructor assisted, 40 hours credit Course fee USD 250/-

Become a PMP certified project manager on the first attempt with ease. Learner centric course designed and perfected over a decade of teaching experience.

We designed this course to make it as easy as possible for the learner. In fact, we knocked off everything irrelevant (even from PMBOK!) to make it focus sharp on the exam. The biggest global hurdle every PMP aspirant faces is to study the bulky PMBOK. We have simplified the whole stuff through our ‘customer centric’ design and delivery of the course.

Here is a detailed customer feedback for this course, which we cherish..

Yesterday I took my PMP exam and I cleared it. Thanks a lot fo all the support you have provided through out.

Your method of teaching made the entire curriculum look easy. I was able to understand every bit of it. The face to face interaction with you makes it more easy.Thank you for making yourself available as and when I needed to go over be it same topics or new topics or just to answer my questions on the already covered topics. In your method i dint have to by-heart any aspect of the PMBOK. One good thing about your method is we will be going over the entire PMBOK at least once.

The vast curriculum of PMBOK makes it very difficult to even start the study. With so many reference books available we can easily get lost in picking the right path for the certification. But your method clearly defines a path and if we just follow it we can easily not only get certified but also gain and improve on our Project Management knowledge.

With your class and using Rita’s book as reference and answering all the question in the Rita’s book was more than sufficient to give the exam and clear it.

Thanks a lot of all the help you provided.

Thanks & Regards,

How do we do it?

We will make your learning of PMBOK easier by explaining the concepts through crisp notes, mind maps, videos along with tips to remember them.

We will provide guidance about the right preparation material.

You will learn at your own pace. We will work along with you throughout your journey.
As and when you have doubts or when you get struck anywhere, we will pitch in immediately and resolve them. All you have to do is to ping the instructor through whatsapp – 9895372115, email or telephone call.

For complex topics and clarifications, we will schedule exclusive one2one online meetings and explain those topics and concepts.

We will provide you with practice tests and provide clarity on those questions where you struggle.

We will provide you with the 35 contact hours certificate, when you really complete an equivalent hours of serious instructor led study.

We will clarify your doubts while applying.

We will share with you, past 15 years experiences we have had with other PMP aspirants.
The course fee : USD 250/- . 150 to be paid after experiencing the first module of the training and the remaining 100 to be paid after completion of the course (prior to the issue of course completion certificate)

Registration validity – One year from the date of subscription, irrespective of the number of takes of the PMP examination.

Contact the instructor for details & enrolling

Customized classroom training for teams. Duration 2 days

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