Book sniffing note: Slanguage, by Bernard Share


Look, I don’t think I’m weird about this. I really don’t. I think lots of you sniff your books. And probably other people’s too.

The way books smell matters. The cheap hard white academic institutional paper of tenure books and reheated dissertations has a smell that tells you from the beginning that you will learn a firehose-blast of trivialities and you will not admit to enjoying it too much. My undated Hodder & Stoughton edition of The Ruba’iya’t of Omar Khayyam has just a memory of a smell of storytime from thick soft volumes, while my copy of Elementary Particles by David Griffiths has an inexplicable faint whiff of black pepper. For a long time, every issue of National Geographic had a tangy smart pong that was the closest thing I’d ever found to the taste left by a large bug (perhaps a bee) that slammed into the back…

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The Art of Writing an Amazing Blog Post. Posting it for my future reference 😀

You cannot get into shape by working out 9 hours a day

Great article. It is all about consistency and grit.

Quality of education

I found this discussion on quality of education at XIME very useful, hence sharing it.

Risk response Vs contingency

The actions we take proactively to reduce the probability or impact or both comes under risk response planning. For example - Building an earth quake resistant building in an earthquake prone area is part of risk response planning. The actions we do, when the risk really happens fall under risk contingency actions. Here is one... …

An Engineer’s Bill of Rights (and Responsibilities)

Whether in the office or at home, I do not like others to dictate work to me. I may do it but not with full commitment. While being so, I cannot expect absolute freedom while working in projects. Joint work decisions / understanding matching the project milestones based on self respect and mutual respect is …

A risk register for PMP Prep project

Choosing the trainer  Choose the best trainers who can explain the concepts from a practitioner's perspective with real life examples. This will make the training (understanding 756 pages of PMBOK version 6) interesting and easy to recollect. Good trainers can make the preparation easier and interesting. The structure of the training is very important. If …

Take the first step to PMP

Online PMdistilled PMP preparatory course Contents How to prepare A quick overview of the examination process Quick introduction to PMBOK V6 The processes in detail Initiation Develop project charter Identify stakeholders Planning Develop project management plan Plan scope management Collect requirements Define scope Create WBS Plan schedule management Define activities Sequence activities Estimate activity durations …

Pmdistilled PMP Work book

Communication skills

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