Top challenges of EPC Project Owners, Project Managers & Engineering teams

Owners I do not have visibility into the project. It takes almost 3-5 days time to get the progress updates. By the time I receive it, it is too late to take any effective corrective / preventive action. Information overload. Very often we are bombarded with information and it takes lot of effort and timeContinue reading “Top challenges of EPC Project Owners, Project Managers & Engineering teams”

15 points for effective daily stand up meetings (scrum)

Start the meeting on time and finish it on time. Some teams do it at the beginning of the day. Some do it by 11 a.m. Some do it towards the end of the day. This can be a challenge when you have teams working from two different geographies with time zone differences. Choose theContinue reading “15 points for effective daily stand up meetings (scrum)”

Fluctuating motivation. How do you manage it?

Most of us go through periods of high motivation and low motivation. What could be the reasons?. How can we overcome it? The best way to manage it is to acknowledge the fact that it is temporary and everyone goes through it.In my experience one of the reasons for fluctuating motivation is imbalance in workContinue reading “Fluctuating motivation. How do you manage it?”