How to define project goals – 10 questions one should answer

Whether it is about starting a new blog or building a new airport, before starting the project one has to get convinced about the business case and the viability of the project. Projects fail at the beginning, not at the end. Filtering out the best before investment is the key to avoid failures. Before starting […]

Fluctuating motivation. How do you manage it?

Most of us go through periods of high motivation and low motivation. What could be the reasons?. How can we overcome it? The best way to manage it is to acknowledge the fact that it is temporary and everyone goes through it.In my experience one of the reasons for fluctuating motivation is imbalance in work […]

Time Management for Bloggers

Our blog can be one of the best differentiator for us, yet sustainability of the blog is the challenge. While a well maintained blog is an advantage, a bad blog can boomerang. This blog post by Christian Mihai is very relevant for bloggers, especially for those who starts blogs with great goals and later abandon […]

Lessons from a crowdfunding social service project

We started a crowdfunding project to construct a home for a family whose house got washed away during the Kerala floods 2018. This was our first experience in a crowdfunding project. Here are the lessons we learnt out of this project.  Credibility of the idea and the promoters are the key success factors for every […]