Basic definitions of Project Management #1

The PMP certification is all about answering questions based on the Project management body of Knowledge. Not based on what we do in our office. That is where the true value is. So, set your mind to understand things as defined in PMBOK without any mental blocks. The objective is to learn first without anyContinue reading “Basic definitions of Project Management #1”

Agile digital marketing using Scrum

Is scrum only for software projects. The answer is ‘No’. scrum works well with any project where either the requirements are changing or technology is new or both. Here are the lessons learned by a digital marketing team using scrum to accelerate their digital marketing program.

Transforming EDMS into Integrated EVMS

As generally understood, Electronic Data Management System (EDMS),  is an automated system to store and retrieve documents digitally to avoid piles of manual documents and the complexity  involved in manually managing them. The key benefits from the EDMS are; Providing the right document to the right person at the right time with ease Better documentContinue reading “Transforming EDMS into Integrated EVMS”