Multifaceted demands on a project manager

Projects are strategic in nature, so are the demands on a project manager. Organizational success, achievement of business goals is directly linked to the successful completion of projects on time, within budget and with quality. The project manager has to cater to the needs of the project, the organization (organizations), industry, professional discipline and acrossContinue reading “Multifaceted demands on a project manager”

Why are the processes in PMBOK numbered from 4 onwards?

The processes in PMBOK are numbered from 4 onwards because chapters 1,2,3 contains the topics given below. The standard for project management The standard for portfolio management The standard for program management Code of ethics and professional conduct Projects Project initiation context Projects, programs, portfolio and operations management Organizational project management and strategies Structure ofContinue reading “Why are the processes in PMBOK numbered from 4 onwards?”

Understanding Earned Value Management System (EVMS)

Scope of the project : This project comprises of laying a fence around a square plot of size 1 km on each sides (A,B,C,D). Each side has a budget of 1000. The work is supposed to get over on the 4th week. The surveyor is conducting the survey to assess the progress after 4 weeksContinue reading “Understanding Earned Value Management System (EVMS)”