Transforming EDMS into Integrated EVMS

As generally understood, Electronic Data Management System (EDMS),  is an automated system to store and retrieve documents digitally to avoid piles of manual documents and the complexity  involved in manually managing them. The key benefits from the EDMS are; Providing the right document to the right person at the right time with ease Better documentContinue reading “Transforming EDMS into Integrated EVMS”

Top challenges of EPC Project Owners, Project Managers & Engineering teams

Owners I do not have visibility into the project. It takes almost 3-5 days time to get the progress updates. By the time I receive it, it is too late to take any effective corrective / preventive action. Information overload. Very often we are bombarded with information and it takes lot of effort and timeContinue reading “Top challenges of EPC Project Owners, Project Managers & Engineering teams”

Portfolio, Program, Projects harmony

What is a project? Projects are temporary endeavors  Produces unique products or services as output Projects are temporary in nature. That means, every project has a definite start date and end date. After the completion of the project, the team is dispersed. Projects deliver Unique products or services as an output. Developing a new onlineContinue reading “Portfolio, Program, Projects harmony”