Multifaceted demands on a project manager

Projects are strategic in nature, so are the demands on a project manager. Organizational success, achievement of business goals is directly linked to the successful completion of projects on time, within budget and with quality. The project manager has to cater to the needs of the project, the organization (organizations), industry, professional discipline and across … Continue reading Multifaceted demands on a project manager

The project environment

Enterprise environmental factors – EEF Organizational culture Organizational structure (functional, matrix, projectized, composite) Distribution of facilities and resources Resource availability (manpower, machine, material) Labor laws Political climate Environmental laws Salary structures Transportation facilities Information systems National holidays Work culture Climatic conditions (Weather conditions) Waste disposal norms Trade unions etc.. Can be internal or external to … Continue reading The project environment

PMBOK structure and Project Success Measures

Projects Projects are temporary endeavors (have specific start and end dates), delivering unique products or services. Project and development life cycles The series of phases a project passes through from it’s start to it’s completion is termed as ‘Project life cycle’ . The phases can be sequential or iterative. Within the project life cycle, there … Continue reading PMBOK structure and Project Success Measures