The project environment

Enterprise environmental factors – EEF Organizational culture Organizational structure (functional, matrix, projectized, composite) Distribution of facilities and resources Resource availability (manpower, machine, material) Labor laws Political climate Environmental laws Salary structures Transportation facilities Information systems National holidays Work culture Climatic conditions (Weather conditions) Waste disposal norms Trade unions etc.. Can be internal or external toContinue reading “The project environment”

Why are the processes in PMBOK numbered from 4 onwards?

The processes in PMBOK are numbered from 4 onwards because chapters 1,2,3 contains the topics given below. The standard for project management The standard for portfolio management The standard for program management Code of ethics and professional conduct Projects Project initiation context Projects, programs, portfolio and operations management Organizational project management and strategies Structure ofContinue reading “Why are the processes in PMBOK numbered from 4 onwards?”

Project stakeholder management

If we can maintain the project stakeholders satisfied throughout the project, then the project is successful. The first step towards this is aggressive stakeholder identification and stakeholder’s expectation management. The positive expectations must be maximized where as the negative expectations must be minimized. While the stakeholder register will vary across projects, the following list containsContinue reading “Project stakeholder management”

Organizational structures and their impact on stakeholder management

Organizational structures can be broadly classified into; Functional organization Matrix organization Strong matrix Weak matrix Balanced matrix Projectized organization Composite organization Functional organization Most of the manufacturing / service organizations are divided functionally. Each function will have a head, who in turn reports to the CEO. For example an automobile manufacturer will have functions¬† like;Continue reading “Organizational structures and their impact on stakeholder management”