Agile digital marketing using Scrum

Is scrum only for software projects. The answer is ‘No’. scrum works well with any project where either the requirements are changing or technology is new or both. Here are the lessons learned by a digital marketing team using scrum to accelerate their digital marketing program.

Agile in EPC projects – Why I am super delighted?

Can we use agile principles outside I.T?. This is one question I had to answer many times during my project management workshops, and consistently my answer was/ is ‘Yes’. I have mentored a team of lawyers who analyse outsourced cases and submit case analysis reports back, to follow ‘scrum’, one of the agile methods. AnotherContinue reading “Agile in EPC projects – Why I am super delighted?”

Portfolio, Program, Projects harmony

What is a project? Projects are temporary endeavors  Produces unique products or services as output Projects are temporary in nature. That means, every project has a definite start date and end date. After the completion of the project, the team is dispersed. Projects deliver Unique products or services as an output. Developing a new onlineContinue reading “Portfolio, Program, Projects harmony”