The books I purchased and practised – Seven habits

7habitsThe seven habits of highly effective people’  by Stephen Covey is one book I purchased several times during the last 20 years and read several times, and benefited a lot by practicing the concepts. One of the exercises in the book under ‘Begin with the end in mind’ habit was to write down a personal mission statement, and I did one. The gist of it was to get into a job which will help me to travel a lot, meet lot of people, see new places…I wrote them in a writing pad, and as usual I lost track of it. After another ten years this writing pad surfaced again, and to my surprise I had accomplished everything that was written there as my personal mission. It sounds good. According to the book ‘The power of the sub-conscious mind’, which I just completed reading last week,  when I wrote my personal mission statement on a sheet of paper, it might got registered in my sub-conscious mind, and slowly the vision became a reality, because the subconscious mind, and in turn, the conscious mind started working toward it. Then the hunt for the next set of ‘vision starts’, and the cycle repeats.

“What is your personal mission statement?”. Yes, I am asking a difficult question. This year, I started by asking several people about their ‘definition of success of life’ and the majority did not know about it, yet they were chasing it. Here is a great opportunity. Take a sheet of paper, and write down your personal mission statement. Once the mission is clear, then we will be able to clarify our ‘to do list’ and ‘not to do list’. The ‘not to do list’ is as important as the ‘to do list’, because the ‘not to do list’ releases time for the ‘to do list’. Stephen covey explains the time quadrants of;

  • Urgent and not important
  • Urgent and important
  • Not urgent and not important  (eliminate)
  • Not urgent and important (give priority) 

‘Not urgent –  important’ activities are the ones which will give maximum benefits in the long run. One must eliminate the ‘not urgent – not important’ stuff, and make time for the ‘not urgent and important’. My post graduate degree happened like that. Some of my certifications which gave me maximum dividends in the longer run happened like that. Once we have our personal mission statement defined, then prioritization of our activities become easier. After all, it is just one life, that comprises of just 36,500 days, if we live for 100 years. Time is constant, and we must prioritize.

Once we know what is our true mission, then…

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist



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