Project management essentials

  1. Define the goal
  2. Collect requirements
  3. Define scope
  4. Develop product breakdown structure
  5. Develop work breakdown structure
  6. Develop project strategy
  7. Estimate the work packages
  8. Determine budget
  9. Decompose the work Packages into activities
  10. Develop activity sequences
  11. Estimate activity effort and durations
  12. Perform bottom up estimation
  13. Optimise budgets
  14. Develop schedule
  15. Allocate resources
  16. Execute
  17. Change management
  18. Monitor and control
  19. Close the project or phase
  20. Lessons learnt

Published by Project Management Research Institute

Project Management Research Institute, a not for profit organization involved in collaborative research, development and deployment of customer centric project management solutions.

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