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Online PMdistilled PMP preparatory course Contents

  1. How to prepare
  2. A quick overview of the examination process
  3. Quick introduction to PMBOK V6
  4. The processes in detail
    1. Initiation
      1. Develop project charter
      2. Identify stakeholders
    2. Planning
      1. Develop project management plan
      2. Plan scope management
      3. Collect requirements
      4. Define scope
      5. Create WBS
      6. Plan schedule management
      7. Define activities
      8. Sequence activities
      9. Estimate activity durations
      10. Develop schedule
      11. Plan cost management
      12. Estimate costs
      13. Determine budget
      14. Plan quality management
      15. Plan resource management
      16. Estimate activity resources
      17. Plan communications management
      18. Plan risk management
      19. Identify risks
      20. Perform qualitative risk analysis
      21. Perform quantitative risk analysis
      22. Plan risk responses
      23. Plan procurement management
      24. Plan stakeholder engagement
    3. Executing
      1. Direct and manage project work
      2. Manage project knowledge
      3. Manage quality
      4. Acquire resources
      5. Develop team
      6. Manage team
      7. Manage communications
      8. Implement risk responses
      9. Conduct procurements
      10. Manage stakeholder engagement
    4. Monitoring and controlling
      1. Monitor and control project work
      2. Perform integrated change control
      3. Validate scope
      4. Control scope
      5. Control schedule
      6. Control costs
      7. Control quality
      8. Control resources
      9. Monitor communications
      10. Monitor risks
      11. Control procurements
      12. Monitor stakeholder engagement
    5. Closing
      1. Close project or phase
    6. Learning tests

The knowledge is transferred through;

  • Online 121 classes
  • Assignments (reading PMBOK, learning tests)
  • Doubt clarification sessions
  • Practice tests
  • This is not a record and play course. Personalized attention is provided to the course participants through live online meetings with the instructor.
  • Total effort required for the course (exam readiness) is 80 hours of effort.
  • How fast this can be accomplished depends on the duration of the customized schedule developed for specific participants jointly by the instructor and the participant.

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