Programs and program management

  • Collection of inter related projects
  • When done together gives more value than doing them one after the other
  • Managed by program managers
  • The individual projects that constitute the program are managed by project managers. These project managers report to the program manager

Improving the traffic sysyems within the city to eliminate traffic congestions can be a program, supported by projects like;

  • Enhancing the existing roads
  • Implementing car pooling
  • Establishing metro rail
  • Implementing traffic monitoring system
  • Implementing boat services
  • Implementing cycling tracks
  • Conducting traffic awareness programs

Each of these individual projects will be managed by project managers and they report to the program manager. The cumulative effect of doing these projects together as a program is much better than performing them one after another.

Published by Project Management Research Institute

Project Management Research Institute, a not for profit organization involved in collaborative research, development and deployment of customer centric project management solutions.

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